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ibe design offers a comprehensive range of service to suit all projects. This section of my website outlines all the design stages where my services can be applied. I believe a transparent, clearly defined design process is key to bringing project's successfully from the concept stage, through development, to final completion.

The range of concept design and development services ibe.ie offers are summarised below. In addition I also offer extensive follow-up design services to bring your final concept to reality. I am happy to provide detailed quotes for any number of seperate stages of projects, or for a complete package of services, to suit all clients' project requirements & budgets.Please feel free to contact me to discuss your brief, or request a detailed quotation.


Develop a Design Brief
Reserch and Development
Idea Generation
Concept Generation
Concept Development
Final Design Concept
Sketch Concept Presentations
2D CAD/Illustration
3D CAD Modelling/Rendering
2D Concept Presentations
3D Concept Presentations
Final Concept Presentations
Product Naming
Brand Naming
Logo Concept Design
Brand Concept Design


Site Surveys
Design Detailing
Sourcing Suppliers/Manufacturers
Furniture Working Drawings
Retail Display Working Drawings
Instruction Manuals
Product Exploded Views
Product Cut-away Views
Studwork Drawings
Bathroom/Kitchen Plumbing Layouts
Electrical/Lighting Plans
Printing/Graphics specification
Project Management